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Annual Report 2001

January 14, 2002

ARLIS Central Plains Chapter

Submitted by M. J. Poehler, Secretary-Treasurer

Leadership Update


2001 Chapter Officers
Chair: Gloria Short, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Susan Craig, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Secretary/Treasurer: M. J. Poehler, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Newsletter Editor: Thomas Young, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK


2001 Incoming Officers
Chair: Susan Craig, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Kay Logan-Peters, U. of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE

Secretary/Treasurer: M. J. Poehler, Kansas City Art Institute, Kansas City, MO

Newsletter Editor: Thomas Young, Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK



At the close of 2001, Central Plains listed a total of 27 members.


Central Plains Spring 2001 meeting was held June 15 at the Kansas City Art Institute, hosted by M. J. Poehler with assistance from Susan Craig. Approximately 20 members attended. Betha Whitlow of the Visual Resources Association was a guest. The business meeting mainly centered on St. Louis 2002 Joint ARLIS-VRA Conference planning.


Additionally, ARLIS/NA Executive Committee approved a proposed bylaws change creating a chapter life-membership. The program featured a lecture and slide show on public art by Ms. Blair Sands, then Public Art Administrator for the city of K.C., MO. This was followed by a visit to the Kansas City Art Institute’s gallery ArtSpace. The group benefited from a discussion with Artspace Director Raechell Smith of the current exhibit, “Signs of the Times,” art incorporating signage and text.


The Fall 2001 meeting was held October 12 at the Hilton Frontenac in St. Louis, hosted by Suzy Frechette, with approximately 16 members in attendance. Members of ARLIS/CP and the Midwest Chapter of the Visual Resources Association gathered for the purpose of conducting individual business meetings followed by a joint planning session for the March 2002 joint conference. Ursula Kolmstetter, Midwest Representative, attended. The CP business meeting included approval of revised wording of the bylaws change that will establish chapter life-membership and an increase in annual chapter dues to $10 for 2002. The joint Conference Planning Session that followed the meeting included a helpful slide show of potential venues for the conference and information-packed handouts to help in the planning process.

Activities for the remainder of the day and the next day included a preview of conference tours, with guest lecturer Esley Hamilton, Preservation Historian, St. Louis County. Field trips, all relevant to conference venues, included visits to the St. Louis “Grand Center,” a visit to the Union Station and Hyatt Hotel in downtown St. Louis, and a visit to the St. Louis Art Museum.

Central Plains chapter activities for the year have been devoted to the planning of the 2002 joint conference in St. Louis. Marianne Cavanaugh (CP) and Betha Whitlow (VRA), Co-Chairs for Local Arrangements, have worked diligently and at length on planning. They worked with the ARLIS/NA Conference Planning Advisory Committee in June in St. Louis to firm-up plans. Many CP and VRA members have helped. In particular, members residing in the St. Louis area have worked at length in 2001 to make the 2002 conference a success.


The chapter’s plans for a unified database establishing a voting, mailing and regional directory began to be realized in 2001. M. J. Poehler has entered directory information in an Access file. Plans for further development have been tabled until after the conference.


Issues for the Executive Board


The chapter voted to donate $250 to the St. Louis welcome party.


The Executive Board will be asked once again to review the proposed chapter bylaws change establishing chapter life-membership. The chapter has adopted the revised wording recently suggested by the Executive Committee.


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