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Spring 2005 Meeting Minutes

Jannes Library, Kansas City Art Institute
Kansas City, Missouri

May 19-21, 2005

The business meeting was called to order by Susan Bobo, chair, at 9:00. Susan welcomed all Central Plains members and thanked Tom Young for organizing the meeting and M. J. Poehler for hosting it.



Minutes: A motion to approve the minutes for the Fall 2004 meeting was made by Susan Craig and seconded by Tom Young.


Secretary/Treasurer’s report: Clare Vasquez reported a total of

$ 1,036.90 in the chapter account as of April 30, 2005. The report was approved (Susan Craig) and seconded (Nelda Elder). As of April 30, 2005, the chapter had 16 members (12 who had paid annual dues and 4 lifetime members). Additional dues for membership were expected at the close of the meeting.


ARLIS/NA Regional Representative’s Report: Susan Bobo delivered Midwest Representative Leigh Gates’ report. Hoping to follow in the exemplary footsteps of past representative Suzy Frechette, Gates reported on ARLIS/NA executive board news. Guidelines for chapter activities included promoting closer links with regional library schools, contributing to success stories for chapters on the ARLIS/NA website, conforming to the ARLIS/NA strategic plan and participating in the 2006 ARLIS/NA convention in Banff. In the discussion that followed, Susan Craig asked whether the Board had approved Indianapolis as the site of the 2008 ARLIS/NA convention and urged that a West Coast location be considered.


Leadership Breakfast Report: Tom Young, recipient of the 2005 travel award, reported on attending the leadership breakfast in Houston. Ideas presented at the “breakout session” for chapters, a new feature, included recruiting new members for chapters among library students by inviting them to chapter meetings, and connecting better to library schools in general. Other issues raised were fundraising, the revision of the chapter success book, a discussion concerning insurance (liability for chapters) and how ARLIS/NA could be helpful on this issue. (ARLIS/CP has not met in facilities that require an insurance deposit.)


Tom’s report prompted a general discussion among chapter members about why members attend ARLIS/CP meetings and about ways to stimulate more participation (early announcements, firm dates, content-rich programs), and ways to reach out to potential new members (student listservs, personal contacts). Susan Bobo mentioned that contacts have already been made with the library schools in Kansas and Oklahoma and plans to set up contacts with the library school in Missouri.


Susan Craig questioned the wisdom of heavily recruiting students to our chapter when there are so few job prospects for them in our region. Susan Bobo added that, for our chapter, a bigger priority may be to get everyone in our region who is currently in an art librarian position to actively participate in the chapter, rather than emphasizing student recruitment. On the issue of fundraising, M. J. Poehler suggested that the issue of raising dues be put on the fall meeting agenda as a point for discussion.


Old Business:

Joint Meeting with Mountain West: Susan Bobo gave an update on the Fall 2005 meeting in Santa Fe (October 27-30). The hotel is to be the Inn of the Governors; all events are within walking distance of the hotel. A workshop on conservation is planned for Thursday afternoon. Registration and a reception will take place on Thursday evening (Gerald Peters Gallery). A call has been issued for papers, with session on Friday and on Saturday morning (some potential topics mentioned: Native American art, financial issues for libraries, copyright). Tours under consideration include the Georgia O’Keeffe Research Center, and Santa Fe Ghostwalk Tour. The general theme is “Different Cultures: Different Libraries.” Members are urged to check the chapter website for updates and to make reservations early. There is space reserved for ARLIS/CP members, but there is much interest in this meeting among members of other chapters: don’t delay in registering!


New Business:

Nominating committee: M. J. Poehler and Ellen Petraits volunteered to serve as a nominating committee. The only vacant office next year will be vice-chair.


35th Anniversary of ARLIS/NA: The Southeast Chapter will host the 35th anniversary national meeting in Atlanta in 2007 and is seeking help in updating the organization’s history timeline from other chapters. Suzy Frechette volunteered to coordinate this effort for the Central Plains chapter.


Spring 2006 meeting: A consensus was reached after a general discussion that one meeting per year should be held in the Kansas City area (geographical center of our region and home to the largest number of members). Susan Craig volunteered to host the Spring 2006 meeting in Lawrence, KS. Because of the late date of ARLIS/NA 2006, some adjustments to the usual schedule may be made. Watch the website for definite news.


News and announcements:

Susan Craig asked for input from chapter members: do you use the ARLIS/NA website for information about international book vendors? Please contact Susan via email ( with any comments.


Respectfully submitted,

Clare M. Vasquez, Secretary/Treasurer








Last Updated on August 8, 2005