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Spring 2003 Meeting Minutes

Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library
Topeka, Kansas
May 30, 2003

The business meeting was called to order by Kay Logan-Peters, Chair, at 9:15 a.m. Kay welcomed all Central Plains members and thanked Susan Craig and Rachel Crane for organizing the meeting.



Minutes: MSC to approve the minutes of the Fall 2002 meeting.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: M. J. Poehler reported that a total of $1035.35 was in the chapter account as of April 30, 2003. MSC to approve the treasurer’s report. M. J. reported that 10 individuals had paid annual CP Chapter dues in 2003, in addition to 4 individuals who are lifetime members, bringing the current CP membership to 14.


Newsletter Editor's Report: Kay thanked Susan Bobo for editing and distributing the Central Plains Irregular. The newsletter was most recently distributed earlier in May by e-mail without problem.


ARLIS/NA Regional Representative's Report: Suzy Frechette, occupying the role of Midwest Regional Representative since March 2003, reported to the group on ARLIS/NA executive board news.


A major focus for the board has been follow-up on the reorganization decisions made last year in an effort to streamline ARLIS/NA. One of the problems with the many small sub-groups within ARLIS/NA is difficulty and expense in finding a hotel for annual conference that can accommodate all of the required meeting rooms. The reorganization is under study by a task force of board members and others and there is a moratorium on new groups. Susan Craig asked that the executive board be invited to consider that the value of ARLIS is in the networking of small groups of like people. Given this essential value, her suggestion is to explore alternative meeting places outside of the conference hotel. The mid-year executive board meeting will take place in late August in Philadelphia.

Old Business

Travel Award: Susan Bobo and Susan Craig formed the travel award committee for the $200 award for the 2003 annual conference. Chapter officers may seek the annual award: chair, vice-chair, secretary-treasurer, and newsletter editor. The award this year went to M. J. Poehler; her report on the conference was included in the May issue of the Central Plains Irregular. The committee’s business was conducted by e-mail; it was decided that the committee will print its e-mail correspondence and file it in the chapter handbook.

Chapter Web Page: Chris Jorgensen distributed a printed version of the ARLIS/CP homepage that she has created and continues to develop. Chris’s plans for design and content received a very favorable response from members. Chris asked for a pre-publication review partner who would look over content and provide feedback to Chris before its publication on the web. The consensus was that the chapter’s past-president would be a good person to fill this role; accordingly, Susan Craig will be Chris’s review person. Also by consensus, the directory to be published on the chapter website will list members only. Chris will notify the chapter when the site goes public. The group was unanimous in thanking Chris for taking on this task and doing a great job.


New Business

Fall Meeting 2003: Rachel and Lois Crane volunteered to host the fall meeting in Wichita, with the business meeting to be held at the Wichita Art Museum. Discussion of schedules indicated that October 3rd, 10th or 17th are good dates for most members. Rachel and Lois will notify members of the date as soon as possible.


Upcoming Meetings: Possible locations for upcoming meetings are the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha for Spring, 2004, and Susan Bobo may be able to host the Fall, 2004, meeting in Oklahoma City.


Nominating Committee: The committee will consist of the incoming chair, Rachel Crane and Kay Logan-Peters. They will be looking for nominees for vice-chair for 2004.


Membership: There was discussion of the membership /contact list, currently maintained in a Microsoft Access database. The discussion included thoughts on how to most effectively identify and contact potential members. Susan Bobo volunteered to lead a membership drive and asked for help identifying potential members, especially in Kansas and Missouri. Susan will develop a letter inviting potential members to join. Any CP member can make initial contact with a potential member, then send contact information to M.J. Poehler or Susan Bobo; Susan will follow up by sending the letter. M. J. volunteered for Missouri and Rachel and Lois for Kansas.


News and Announcements: Lois Crane announced that the Wichita Art Museum has a new address as the museum’s front door is now in a different location. Lois distributed business cards with the new address: 1400 W. Museum Boulevard, Wichita, KS 67203-3296.


The business meeting adjourned at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,ectfully submitted,


M. J. Poehler



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