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Fall 2006 Meeting Minutes

St. Louis University

St. Louis, MO

October 19-21, 2006

Chairman Tom Young called the business meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on October 20, 2006. Members in attendance: Marilyn Carbonell, Marianne Cavanaugh, Susan Craig, Lois Crane, Rachel Crane, Suzy Frechette, Mikael Kriz, M. J. Poehler, Ellen Urton, Clare Vasquez, Joy Wright; guests in attendance: Anna Cranor and Cheryl Vogler. Midwest Representative Leigh Gates was also in attendance.


Treasurer’s report:

Read and accepted; the chapter has 27 members and a balance of $2109.90 (as of October 19, 2006). Minutes of the last meeting were distributed and accepted.


Suzy Frechette volunteered to become the new editor of the chapter newsletter. Chapter officers for 2007 will be Ellen Urton, Chair; Susan Craig, Vice-Chair; and Mikael Kriz, Secretary/Treasurer. All were unanimously elected.


Midwest Representative’s Report:

News from the ARLIS/NA Executive Board included an update on sites for upcoming ARLIS/NA annual meetings: Atlanta (2007), Denver (2008), and Indianapolis (2009). A future meeting may be hosted by the New England chapter (2010?). A joint meeting with VRA in Minneapolis is also possible.


Updates on ARLIS/NA task forces: the Summer Institute Committee is trying to get certification; the Archive Task Force is planning to move the archives from Syracuse, perhaps to the University of Illinois, where it could be incorporated into the curriculum. The Publications Committee is investigating more online publication. The Budget Task Force has decided not to raise dues this year. Reports of the various task forces and committees are posted on the ARLIS/NA website.


In answer to a question from Susan Craig, Leigh reported that attendance at the 2006 ARLIS/NA conference in Banff was about 400, making it roughly comparable to Houston. ARLIS/NA has about 850 members. Another question: does the ARLIS/NA website have to be so restrictive? Too much of the website appears to be for members only. Several members reported problems with getting their passwords in a timely manner, despite their having renewed promptly.

Lois Crane wondered if perhaps the members list had been sold—she has received mailings that seem to have been generated from the ARLIS/NA member directory. Leigh suggested that Lois forward any material of that sort to her for followup by the Executive Board. ARLIS/NA does not sell its membership list.


Old Business:

1) Streamlining ballot for elections of officers. It had been proposed that the chapter investigate alternatives to mailed/emailed ballots. Survey Monkey was proposed as a possibility, but because of more pressing issues (the affiliation agreement), nothing was done. Perhaps someone will look into it in the future, if there is sufficient interest among the members.


2) Proposed project: an update of the Serials Exhibitions Union Catalogue, to be available on the chapter website. Susan Craig and Tom Young thought that the project seems worthwhile, but as yet no one has volunteered to direct the project. Still pending.


New Business:

1) Future meetings: the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art will be the probable site of the Fall 2007 chapter meeting; Spring 2007 TBA. The national meeting of VRA will be in Kansas City, March 27-31, 2007. We may simply hold a chapter business meeting and not plan any additional programming.


2) ARLIS/NA Affiliation Agreement: we need to put the issue of whether to ratify the agreement to the membership, but we must also amend our chapter bylaws to conform to the requirement that chapter members must be members of ARLIS/NA. Many chapter members felt that ARLIS/NA’s insistence on membership in its organization was divisive and damaging. Everyone present agreed that the only workable solution was to devise a system whereby the chapter could retain all its current members in some new framework that would also satisfy ARLIS/NA. The only way that we could move forward with ARLIS/NA was if we could carry everyone along.


How should we structure our chapter membership? What to call current chapter members who would be dis-membered by the ARLIS/NA new order? Affiliates? Associates? Guests? Participants? Honorary members? It became evident that using the word “member” was fraught with difficulty, and we would have to be careful in revising the by-laws. Another issue that should be taken into account in the revision was the continuation of lifetime status in the chapter on every level of participation.


Much disapproval was expressed for ARLIS/NA. Does the larger organization really provide support to the chapters? The insistence on non-exclusivity in the region, as stipulated in the Affiliation Agreement, seems antagonistic to the chapter, not protective and supportive of the existing chapter. It was pointed out that non-exclusivity has the advantage of permitting flexibility and potential future growth of chapters. Other details of the agreement protect the tax-exempt status of ARLIS/NA. It was an IRS question that instigated the new Affiliation Agreement.


After much discussion of the issues surrounding the Affiliation Agreement, a clear conclusion emerged: on this potentially divisive issue, more than a simple majority should be required. The motion was made and carried that the vote of the Central Plains Chapter to accept the Affiliation Agreement should require a two-thirds majority to pass.


Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,
Clare Vasquez




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