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Fall 2003 Meeting Minutes

Wichita Art Museum, Wichita, Kansas
October 10, 2003

The ARLIS Central Plains group enjoyed a warm welcome by Wichita Art Museum Director Charles Steiner. The meeting was called to order at 9:45 a.m. by Kay Logan-Peters. Kay thanked Rachel Crane and Lois Crane for organizing the meeting and reviewed the agenda for the day.



Minutes: MSC to approve the minutes of the spring 2003 meeting.


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: M. J. Poehler reported the chapter account balance was $919.53 as of September 30, 2003. MSC to approve the treasurer’s report.


ARLIS/NA Regional Representative's Report: Suzy Frechette reviewed the highlights of plans for the April 2004 Annual Conference in New York. Two Central Plains members will be very involved with at least two events at the annual conference. Mari Russell will be a member of a panel discussion on destruction of cultural heritage in wars; Mari will address Native American repatriation of sacred objects. Susan Craig is organizing a program session on the future of the art book.


Suzy mentioned plans for future annual conferences. The 2005 conference will take place in Houston. There are two bids for 2006: Southeast Chapter would host the conference in Atlanta, while the Northwest Chapter would host it in Banff.


Suzy reported on reorganization efforts affecting the Divisions, Sections, and Round Tables of ARLIS/NA. A moratorium is still in effect but probably will be lifted at the pre-conference board meeting in NY. The board will try to come up with a new procedure for forming /disbanding round tables that involves demonstration of continued demand.


Suzy reported that following the disbanding of the ad hoc Diversity Committee, and in response to great interest in this topic demonstrated by ARLIS/NA members at the 2003 conference, a Diversity Task Force has been created. The task force is charged with making recommendations to the Executive Board on matters related to diversity. Former Diversity Committee co-chairs Marilyn Russell and Lucie Stylianopoulos will be active in the task force.


Lastly, regarding organizational changes-- There will be a public library forum at the annual conference that will be of interest to public librarians.


Suzy informed the group on the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources. A joint project of the Visual Resources Association & ARLIS, this will be a week long class at Duke this summer focusing on visual resources management with emphasis on transition to digital content. Publicity and more details will come out mid-Fall.


Suzy reported that the total ARLIS NA membership is 1025. This is a drop from 1163 reported at the end of 2002. The Executive Board will be considering the current set up for assessing the membership dues amount according to salary, with the possibility of revising this.


Newsletter Editor's Report: Susan Bobo thanked everyone who has contributed news items for the Central Plains Irregular.


Central Plains Web Page: Chris Jorgensen, creator, has left the Joslyn Art Museum and will not continue to have a role in CP Chapter. Susan Bobo has volunteered to take over the web page. Susan is waiting for official approval from her library administration, which should be forthcoming. Chris is ready to pass on the files via CD to Susan Bobo.


New Business


Spring Meeting 2004: The Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha had tentatively been planned. With Chris Jorgensen’s departure the Joslyn is out for the time being. Susan Craig proposed meeting at the Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art in St. Joseph, MO, where she is acquainted with the director.


Possibilities for programming include architecture tours of St. Joseph, with the option of including nearby Atchison, Kansas. By consensus, potential dates are May 20-22, or June 3-5, 2004, with a preference for June 3-5. Susan Craig will contact the museum director to determine if and when the museum can accommodate us.


Future Meetings: The possibility of a joint meeting with Mountain West Chapter was discussed. They usually meet in October, according to Marilyn Russell, who is now at the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe. Marilyn agreed to explore the idea of a joint meeting in Santa Fe with the MW chapter membership.

Susan Bobo has proposed a future meeting in Oklahoma City. Susan is flexible on the timing, and could adjust plans for an Oklahoma City meeting depending on what comes of a joint meeting with Mountain West.


Nominating Committee Report: Kay Logan-Peters and Rachel Crane reported that Susan Bobo accepted the nomination for vice chair/chair-elect. The floor was opened for adding names to the ballot. No names were added. MSC to elect Susan Bobo Central Plains Chapter vice chair/chair-elect. Susan intends to give up editorship of the chapter newsletter Central Plains Irregular in 2004.


Meeting Fees: Discussion of how to set meeting fees for the chapter’s spring and fall meetings was opened. By consensus, the following guiding principles are suggested. In general, a registration fee of $10 is suggested, plus an additional amount for the purpose of covering the cost of the meeting. Meeting organizers are asked to solicit free refreshments, in hopes of decreasing meeting costs.


Travel Award Committee: Kay Logan-Peters and Marianne Cavanaugh volunteered to serve as the travel award committee for the 2004 annual conference. The $200 award is available to chapter officers. The committee solicits letters of application for the award; recipient agrees to submit a written report on the conference to the chapter.


Membership Effort: There was discussion on how to increase CP membership. Among the suggested strategies: make meetings more meaningful with strong, relevant programming. Announce the meetings early for planning purposes. Members are encouraged to “buddy”—call colleagues to encourage attendance at meetings.


Announcements: Susan Potter replaced Gloria Short as librarian at the Springfield Art Museum.


The meeting adjourned at 12:30.

Respectfully submitted,

M. J. Poehler
ARLIS/CP Secretary-Treasurer

















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