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Central Plains Irregular

Number 40, July 2006


ARLIS/NA Leadership Breakfast Saturday May 6, 2006

by Ellen Petraits


Highlights from the Leadership breakfast included a preview of ARLIS/NA 35th annual conference to be held in Atlanta, April 26-May 1, 2007. The theme of the conference is “At the Crossroads: Inside, Outside, Past, Present, Future” The conference hotel will be the Sheraton Midtown Atlanta at Colony Square.


A report on distance learning initiatives included a brief description of the Summer Education Institute and the formation of a SEI task force to set pedagogical goals and determine the future structure and management of SEI. A second learning initiative is to develop continuing education courses for ARLIS membership.


There are plans to develop the content of the ARLIS/NA website. Member benefits would include access to these enhanced resources available on the site.


Membership and chapter affiliation were the next topic on the agenda. Chapters need to comply with ARLIS/NA by-laws by requiring chapter members to be members of ARLIS/NA. Incoming president Ann Whiteside discussed the strategic plan and the need for an organizational assessment. Two focus groups met during the conference to gather information from members as part of the assessment process.


Breakfast attendees then divided into three breakout sessions: Chapter officers, Committee Chairs, and Division, Sections, and Round Tables.


Chapter Officers breakout session notes: Jonathan Franklin announced a plan to provide more distance delivery of conference content via the ARLIS/NA website. Presentations, bibliographies, and streaming video are three formats for delivering conference content to those unable to attend. Elizabeth Clarke stated one reason for chapter compliance with ARLIS/NA by-laws is to protect members at the chapter level from personal liability in the event that an accident occurs during a chapter meeting. Over the next year, procedures for enforcing chapter compliance will be implemented. Time for an open discussion followed. Some of the concerns voiced about requiring chapter members to be national members included the idea that chapter meetings offer grassroots-level professional support for those who may not be able to participate at the national level or attend the annual conference. Requiring national membership may dissuade membership for non-supported professionals. Two questions posed were: what are the benefits of being a NA member if chapter level membership meets the individual’s need? Why couldn’t area art librarians organize and meet independently of the ARLIS organizational structure? A general statement on chapter affiliation will be drafted and sent to each Chapter some time in June which will explain the rationale for members to comply with the ARLIS/NA by-laws.



Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art library has recently purchased and received the new English edition of Benezit's Dictionary of Artists. It was acquired with funds donated in memory of Herbert Gussman, a long-time supporter of the museum.


Tom Young will be attending the Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. He received a tuition scholarship which makes it possible to take the class, "Book Illustration Processes to 1900" this June.


Oklahoma City Museum of Art

In Remembrance


Wendy Mahsetky-Poolaw, librarian at the Oklahoma City Art Museum, met an untimely death in an automobile accident on January 28, 2006. She is survived by her husband and infant son. Wendy Mahsetky-Poolaw served as the museum librarian and a member of the education division from 2002-2006. As the museum's founding librarian, she catalogued the library's 7,000 titles, served hundreds of Oklahoma educators through the Library's Teacher/Resource Center, and was a valued museum colleague. She was Kickapoo-Comanche and an accomplished artist before going back to get her masters degree in library science.




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