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The Central Plains Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA) promotes art librarianship in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Its goals are to provide its members with a vehicle for meeting and sharing information and ideas, and to encourage the development and use of art libraries. It is one of 20 regional chapters of ARLIS/NA.



In 1972, the first issue of the ARLIS/NA Newsletter reported St. Louis as among the locations where chapters were forming. Later issues of the newsletter and directories reveal that, after brief discussion about having an Eastern Missouri Chapter and a Western Missouri chapter, the first meeting of the Kansas-Missouri chapter was held in Columbia, Missouri, in 1973.


Ann Abid of the St. Louis Art Museum was listed as Chair of the Charter Committee and Anne Tompkins of the Nelson-Atkins Museum was listed as Chairman pro tem in the 1973 ARLIS/NA Directory. Other early members included Marcia Collins (University of Missouri-Columbia), Bob Daw (Topeka Public Library), Martha Hilligoss (St. Louis Public Library), Martha Kehde (University of Kansas) and Virginia Secrest (Washington University). One of the first projects tackled by the chapter was a Union List of Serials.


The chapter reported annual meetings held until about 1976, but seems to have become inactive in the late 1970s and in fact reported no active officers in 1980.


In 1982, a meeting held in Lawrence, Kansas expanded the region covered by the chapter to include Nebraska. In 1983, Oklahoma and Arkansas were added, and the chapter was officially renamed ARLIS/Central Plains. Susan Craig of the University of Kansas became the first Chair of the new chapter.


Since then, semi-annual meetings have been held, with at least one meeting taking place in every state represented in the chapter. A highlight of subsequent years occurred in March of 1991, when the chapter successfully hosted the Annual conference of ARLIS/NA in Kansas City. (to be continued)






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